Class Memes

The cream of the crop.  Apologies if yours was not included -- there were many funny ones.

Season's greetings!

As we enter into the winter holiday season, we go from Veteran's Day to Thanksgiving to winter break (and its associated religious holidays).  Don't let yourself fall into the habit of just waiting out the days... don't wish away your life.  Live it right now, and use it to do things that you want!

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Now you've got it!

The year is well and going now, and you're becoming the student that you will be this year.  Is it the student you want to be?  We're still early, and so it's easy for you to take a step back, sigh, and change your approach to how you organize things or how you study.

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Now you have the rhythm of things!  Don't try to look ahead to the next vacation, the next day off, the next whatever.  Don't wish your life away.  Live it now.

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A New Year -- and New Opportunities!

Welcome to all my new students!

At the start of every year of high school, you have the chance to redefine yourself.  Other people might still have some idea of your past self... but you can leave that behind in a hurry!  Take this opportunity to do something amazing: decide who you want to be, and then be that person.

Mr. Davis